Guide Level 1

You have a daily schedule to organize your work plan.
We have a lot of experience in teaching and we know what is best for our students:

  1. If you have decided to learn Flamenco, give yourself a 30-day trial, and in that time follow the steps indicated at the bottom of the letter. Then, adjust your preferences for the amount of time spent.
  2. During the first days  days it will be more complicated to follow the tables of foot tapping with the speed that we show you in the videos, have patience, it is only a matter of time and you will see that soon you get it.
  3. To learn Flamenco it is necessary to do many repetitions. The main obstacle will be“mental fatigue”. Do not worry, it’s normal.
  4. Your progress will depend in large part on your interest.
  5. Start working two or three days a week, one hour a day.
  6. The guide of each level is designed for nine months of work.
  7. Consult us and send us videos of your progress, we will always help you.

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