Presential Courses

Developed with the student and the teacher, face-to-face


Flamenco courses scheduled for a whole year, generally from October to June.


Courses scheduled by the student or by the school. For groups or individuals.


They are first contact classes.  Designed for groups that do not know flamenco

Description of Presential Flamenco Classes

These Presential Flamenco Classes are developed with the student and the teacher, face-to-face. Normally we deliver courses to groups of students in our school in the city of Seville.
The face-to-face Flamenco courses are also imparted in several sites that collaborate with us. These venues have different characteristics to our dance studio. They are in several areas of Seville, with different sizes and access. Do you want us to visit you? No problem, from Estudio Flamenco Sevilla we organize Flamenco meetings in any country in the world.

Are you looking for a dance academy to learn flamenco? You are in the perfect place

Our aim at the academy is to give students both online and face-to-face courses.

Face-to-face education is an instructional method where the course content and learning material are taught in-person to a group of students. In fact, it would be
necessary to go to our school in Seville. This is the traditional way; face-to-face learning courses are more adapted to the student since the teacher focuses on the exact level of the student and on their flaws to correct them.

We have a wide variety of courses, from dance, singing, guitar or percussion. We can also classify them according to the frequency in which these flamenco
classes are taught, having annual, intensive and group flamenco courses.

How are flamenco classes in an annual course?

These courses begin in September and take place every week until June. That is, all year round except July and August, in which we develop some special summer courses at the academy.

Starting with Flamenco Dance.

All students are grouped by levels, currently, we have 6 levels starting with level 1 for beginners and ending with a course for professionals. During the course, two or three choreographies of different styles are taught.

The music, the difficulty, stronger postures and body movements are defined each day between the teacher and our student. The Presential Flamenco Classes will consist of three different parts: warm-up, technique and choreography.

Besides, these  flamenco choreographies serve as the basis for a good technique, with correction of postural errors, an adequate position of arms and hands, assimilate the turns and breaks in flamenco.

During the annual course, we have at least three flamenco shows programmed in which students will be able to put into practice everything and perform what they have learned during the year.

Do you need more info? Here you will find everything more detailed.

Continuing with flamenco singing, guitar and percussion.

The flamenco classes for these three modalities are also divided into levels. In these cases, the groups are smaller and, therefore, more personalized. Unlike flamenco dance, the student must rehearse between one class and another and thus, consolidate the knowledge learned. Either by singing, by a guitar or with the flamenco “cajón”, work at home is essential.

Intensive courses. What are Presential Flamenco Classes like?

The intensive course is usually shorter in time than the annual one. In most cases, its duration is less than a month. So, the flamenco classes will be more specific. You have all the information on this type of course from this link

It seemed correct for us to differentiate the intensive flamenco courses into two large groups. Those that are programmed by the student:

  • First contact with flamenco.
  • Flamenco weekend.
  • Choreography montage.
  • Sevillanas.
  • Singing, guitar and percussion.

And on the other hand, the flamenco courses are programmed by the school:

  • Seville April Fair.
  • Flamenco summer.
  • Seville Flamenco Biennial.
  • Master class.

And if we are a group, how are these Presential Flamenco Classes?

Groups of students to dance flamenco are very common in our school. There are some exceptions but, in general, they usually have very low knowledge of flamenco. Our classes are organized so that they have an enriching and, at the same time, fun experience, a wonderful first contact with flamenco.

We organize our flamenco classes for these groups according to whether they are a group of students, business groups, or congresses, bachelorette parties, groups wanting to learn the sevillanas or those that want a theoretical-practical knowledge of flamenco.

In the case of groups with knowledge, we adapt the work to their requests, whether montage of choreographies, technique, stronger abilities… You can find all the details of each of these groups by clicking this link.

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Classroom videos

Intensive course with Antonio Canales
Course held in April 2013. Antonio captivated us with his art, creating two choreographies, one of Soleá por Bulerías and another with Tangos.
In this Flamenco Master Class held for a whole week, two levels of students participated.

Summary of the annual course of 2015 – 2016
In this video you can see a summary of the annual courses that were held in our school in 2015 – 2016. As in all our annual courses, you learn technique and choreography. The Flamenco styles that our students learned were: Alegrías, Farruca, Soleá por Bulerías, Soleá, Bulerías, Tangos, Jaleos and Guajiras.