Presential Courses

Developed with the student and the teacher, face-to-face

Description of Presential Flamenco Classes

These Flamenco classes are developed with the student and the teacher, face-to-face. Normally we deliver courses to groups of students in our school in the city of Seville.
The face-to-face Flamenco courses are also imparted in several sites that collaborate with us. These venues have different characteristics to our dance studio. They are in several areas of Seville, with different sizes and access. Do you want us to visit you? No problem, from Estudio Flamenco Sevilla we organize Flamenco meetings in any country in the world.

In these photos and videos we show some face-to-face Flamenco courses conducted by Estudio Flamenco Sevilla:

Seville Dance Conservatory, September 2016

Estudio Flamenco Sevilla, December 2017

Flamenco course in Hungary, May 2016

Classroom videos

Intensive course with Antonio Canales
Course held in April 2013. Antonio captivated us with his art, creating two choreographies, one of Soleá por Bulerías and another with Tangos.
In this Flamenco Master Class held for a whole week, two levels of students participated.

Summary of the annual course of 2015 – 2016
In this video you can see a summary of the annual courses that were held in our school in 2015 – 2016. As in all our annual courses, you learn technique and choreography. The Flamenco styles that our students learned were: Alegrías, Farruca, Soleá por Bulerías, Soleá, Bulerías, Tangos, Jaleos and Guajiras.

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