Flamenco for groups

for more than ten students

The information detailed below is for groups of people that do not have knowledge about Flamenco and would like to have some practice and/or theoretical contact with the world of Flamenco. Our experience in this kind of collective class ranges from small groups of about two or three students to groups of more than sixty students taught by several instructors.

First encounter with Flamenco for groups

Flamenco for students groups

The most demanded course by our clients. In these classes, we begin by teaching a rhythm with Tangos or Rumbas, with examples of some Flamenco songs, and the position of the body, along with the basic movement of the hips, arms, and hands.

We also teach some essential foot taps, and, by the end of the course, we develop a small choreography when everything is learned. These first meetings usually last between one and two hours.

The purpose of these meetings is to have fun and learn the basics of Flamenco.

Flamenco for conference groups

With Flamenco for groups, you can give yourself a break and enjoy an Andalusian and Sevillian experience whilst learning some Flamenco.

We usually contact enterprises that participate in conferences and are interested in learning about the culture from Seville. Meanwhile, our students have fun and recover from the intensity of a conference. We are available at any time.

Deeper knowledge of flamenco

We have created some theoretical-practical classes. In this sense, we will guide you in Flamenco culture by teaching you its most basic techniques and rhythm to get a general idea of Flamenco.

All this information is shared with the student, who is able to make contact and participate in every part.

You will see: the Cordovan hat, the combs, the castanets, the Flamenco fan, the shawl, the flowers, and the earrings. Next, we will develop rhythm exercises, mainly Tangos and Rumbas.
We will also perform foot taps (no special footwear needed). We will move our arms, hands, and hips to the rhythm of the music.
And at the end of the class, we will create a small choreography that will make your first contact a fun and unforgettable experience. Do not miss this opportunity to get to know the Flamenco from the best professionals.

Flamenco para grupo

Flamenco classes for tourist groups

Discover the passion of flamenco with our classes designed especially for tourist groups. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and energetic world of this Spanish art while learning the basic movements and dance techniques from our teachers.

For this type of flamenco classes, it is best to do them with a duration of one and a half hours.

You will experience the essence of flamenco, from the fiery foot tapping to the elegant twists. Our cozy and authentic atmosphere will transport you to the roots of this cultural tradition. No matter your skill level, everyone is welcome to join this unique experience and take the rhythm and charm of flamenco with them.

Clases de flamenco para grupo de turistas


These are other classes that are popularly requested by our students.  The students learn the structure of the Sevillanas, the passes, the turns, the basic steps and the first Sevillana dance with music.  Although it is a pedagogical activity, all our classes are funny activities.

If you want to know more about Sevillanas, here is more information.

Sevillana is a folk song that has been transformed into Flamenco and comes from the Seguiriya. Currently, they are very popular, being danced at every fair, pilgrimage and celebration. It is a dance for couples and is composed of four couplets or four parts, which are called first-second-third and fourth steps.

Each part of the Sevillana has a fixed choreography divided into three different parts. In all of them, including the beginning (paseíllo) and the end (vuelta final), are repeated as it is the last. Its rhythm is simple, of ¾, three times in which the first one is accentuated, and its theme tends to be an expression of the Andalusian, and, of the Sevillian. There are several styles; Rocieras, Fair, Corraleras, Liturgical, Boleras etc, and it is usually accompanied by claps and/or castanets.

Hen parties dancing Flamenco

We are an experienced enterprise doing hen parties. It is an original way to celebrate something so special with your friends. You can dance both sevillanas and flamenco for beginners. Rumbas and Tangos are the styles most used in these fun flamenco classes.

The whole class is done cheerfully although with a pedagogical sense. Have fun while you learn!

The spaces for these Flamenco courses for groups

Are very different and you can choose them according to the needs of the group:

Estudio Flamenco Sevilla

Maximum capacity: 25 people
Price / hour: free (included in budget)
Private bus access: 50 meters

Dance Studio in Calle Rioja

Maximum capacity: 25 people
Price / hour: € 30
Access by private bus: 200 meters

Zanfoñamovil Center

Maximum capacity: 60 people
Price / hour: € 30
Access by private bus: 350 meters


To get a quote, please get in touch with us. As an estimate, the prices are set to be around 10€ per person (the rent of the room itself is to be added). For every meeting, we deliver to the students the photographic and video material made by our school.