Annual Courses

Annual courses at our Flamenco academy in Seville

Annual courses at our Flamenco academy in Seville

In our Flamenco academy in Seville you will find annual courses in Flamenco dance for adults and children as well as for Flamenco singing, guitar and percussion.

We are located very close to the Palace of Congresses in Seville, in the neighborhood of Sevilla Este. We are very well connected to the Seville city buses and the commuter train network. For more information, you can find us on the map here

50 meters away have free vehicle parking for the first hour and a half. At our entrance to the academy there is a square with bars and restaurants, which will help you to relax and recuperate the energy to continue your Flamenco lessons.

Flamenco academy – Dance classes for Adults

In our Flamenco academy, classes take place throughout the year. We start in the month of September – October, until the month of June. In the month of June there is a Flamenco show in which everything learned during the course is taken onto the stage. There are also performances during the rest of the year in Flamenco clubs, and tablaos, therefore, our students will be able to practice what they have learned.

How we work?

During the annual classes, the basic techniques of Flamenco are studied: positions of the arms, the placement of the body, the movement of the hips, the turns and finally the foot tapping exercises. Everything is put into practice with choreographies that are built up throughout the year – approximately one choreography per quarter.
You can also enjoy techniques and improvisation classes with Bulerías on Fridays. In these classes, in addition to reinforcing your technique, you will pegarte una pataíta in any event.

Levels that adapt to you

We have a wide variety of levels within Flamenco dancing for adults. We have five different levels of Flamenco classes that are developed throughout the year. You can come see us or call us at the Flamenco academy to find your level.

Foto clases regulares adultos 2017:
academia de flamenco en sevilla

academia de flamenco cursos anuales

Flamenco academy – Percussion classes

In our school you have Flamenco percussion classes. We describe our methodology of the Flamenco percussion box classes:

We start with the Sevillanas in order to have a simple rhythm to learn and then the Tangos to intersperse the ternary and binary rhythms. Palos like Bulería, Alegria, Soleá, Fandango and Seguiriya will be seen later and are always linked with each other to better assimilate knowledge.

We work interspersing the ternary and binary rhythms. We revise the styles learned with a time interval of less than a month, in order to always keep that knowledge fresh.

Finally, in the world of the Flamenco box and especially the percussion technique, we also investigate other types of Arab, African and Latin rhythms that provide us with greater musical knowledge. They help us to fuse and enrich our “touch” and accompaniment of the world of Flamenco.

clases de percusión flamenca

We divide the classes in the following parts:

  • Warm up:

We put special emphasis on a correct posture and perfect hitting technique. Thus we seek the best sound of our instrument through simple technical exercises and movement.

  • Technique:

These exercises help us to control our body and improve our skills to get the most out of our performance.  We work on new exercises, inserting them in rhythmic patterns of the style that we are working on, as well as the speed of these for greater control.

  • Styles and patterns:

In this section we work on and study the different Palos of Flamenco, and how to “walk” with its different and varied patterns. We talk about how each style should be accompanied, more specifically, it is more functional work that will help us to always be in the position that each style of Flamenco percussion requires.

  • Accompaniment and Improvisation:

You can listen and play along with some music to apply all our previous work to a real-life situation. We will place special emphasis on listening to and accompanying the different styles of Flamenco. We use this part of the class to create small works of percussion. It will also help us to socialize with the other musicians and work our improvisation and creativity.

Flamenco academy – Singing classes

Learn to sing all styles of Flamenco; Bulerías, Tangos, Alegrías … your favorite Palo, its rhythm, tonality, etc.
A central pillar of Flamenco accompanied by guitar and dance, a difficult discipline but a very beautiful one. They are small classes with a maximum of 7 students per course.
Contact us and book your course.