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The largest and most complete collection of Flamenco dance lessons

The courses are organized by level of knowledge and Flamenco mastery, so level 1 is focused on students without any knowledge of Flamenco and level 6 includes choreography for professional levels. We currently have 86 active courses

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As a base for our teaching, we have technical courses on the position of the body, exercises of foot tapping techniques, warm-up and stretching, movement of the arms and hands, exercises of the hips, body breaks and turns.

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Summary of conditions

1. Buy

You will have the course forever

Exclusive course purchases
Single payment $45, $55 or $65
Classified according to difficulty

Available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
Online: PC, mobile, Tablet or TV


2. Subscription

5 courses for $15 for 1 month

You have 4 levels for rent
Each level includes 5 complete courses
and they are available for 1 month

The secret of our online teaching

Firstly, this online Flamenco project is based on the teaching methodology of our school in Seville. Therefore, the daily work of our professionals and students is reflected in our online Flamenco teaching. So the frequent mistakes of the students and the points with more difficulty are previously worked on in the classes of the annual courses and are reflected in each lesson. As a result, there are many hours of work behind these online Flamenco courses

… and this previous work is our secret.

We work with students daily and we know the most common failures and their difficulties perfectly. For this reason we can put them at the forefront of our teaching so that the choreographies can successfully be put into practice.

We recommend

It would be advisable to complement the online Flamenco courses with face-to-face classes. You can do it in your country and in another school, but if you do not have the opportunity, do not worry, it is not essential. Our online Flamenco project is designed so that you can work on your own. We want you to feel that there is always a person behind all your work. We are here to help you.


This mount attaches to a mirror and can support anything from any Smartphone to a 10-inch tablet.
We manage to view the online courses from the best position and access to the video configuration is instant.
Many students already use it and the result is highly recommended. More support information

What will I receive when I purchase the online flamenco courses?

Firstly, if you are making a purchase, the access will not be limited in time and you will be able to access the courses as many times as you need, forever. In the case of a subscription, you will have access to all the courses of a level, but only for a period of one month. This time starts from the moment of payment. Renewal is automatic but you can cancel it from the MY ACCOUNT menu in the SUBSCRIPTIONS tab.

You will have access to the courses through this website, they will be available in the MY ACCOUNT menu at the moment of payment.

1. A daily guide to optimize learning.

You can follow the teacher’s steps, programmed step by step what you have to practice, so your progress will be more efficient.

2. Direct contact with the teacher.

This contact is made through videos sent through the medium that is most comfortable for the student. We recommend two options, by: Google Drive at the address or Whatsapp at +34 617103653

Access to all online courses

Details of conditions. Online Flamenco Courses

You access the courses through the Internet, from the MY ACCOUNT menu.

1. Buy a course

  • You will have it forever and you will be able to see it as many times as you need.
  • There are exclusive purchase courses and they cannot be viewed with subscription.
  • If you buy all the courses of a level, you will have access to the Guide and the Corrections by the teacher

2. Subscribe to a level

  • You can follow all courses included in one level for a full month.
  • We have 4 levels of Flamenco Dance and 1 Special Sevillanas level available.
  • A Guide and Corrections by the teacher are included in the subscription.
  • The courses included in the subscription are marked.
  • Monthly renewals will be carried out automatically. You can cancel the renewal from the MY ACCOUNT menu.

Certificate issued by our school

  • To obtain this certificate it is necessary to take an exam. This exam is done through Zoom.
  • The amount to take the exam is € 50. The duration is one hour.
  • It has a formative character, there are error corrections for the student to learn from during the exam.
  • The teacher will have the authorization to give the pass or not, as demonstrated by the student.

Certificate without examination

  • Given to students who have followed the course for at least 3 months.
  • This certificate does not guarantee learning and has no cost. To receive it, the student must request it by email.

You have a daily schedule to organize your work plan.

We have a lot of experience in teaching and we know what is best for our students:

  1. If you have decided to learn Flamenco, give yourself a 30-day trial, and in that time follow the steps indicated at the bottom of the letter. Then, adjust your preferences for the amount of time spent.
  2. During the first days it will be more complicated to follow the tables of foot tapping with the speed that we show you in the videos, be patient, it is only a matter of time and you will see that soon you get it.
  3. To learn Flamenco it is necessary to do many repetitions. The main obstacle will be“mental fatigue”. Do not worry, it’s normal.
  4. Your progress will depend in large part on your interest.
  5. Start working two or three days a week, one hour a day.
  6. The guide of each level is designed for nine months of work.
  7. Consult us and send us videos of your progress, we will always help you.

You can send us videos of your progress through:

  • Google Drive at the address
  • Whatsapp at +34 617103653

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