Cursos de Flamenco a través de Zoom

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Description of Flamenco Zoom Classes

These Flamenco classes by Zoom are face-to-face flamenco classes that are broadcast live and are recorded for the students’ disposal. Zoom is a free video conferencing platform. When you sign up, you will have access in the MY ACCOUNT menu:


From October 2020 to today. Hundreds of hours of teaching ordered and classified.


Personalized corrections by WhatsApp, directly with the teacher.


You can follow the class live, if your schedule allows it.

The classes are recorded and published the same day the class is held live. In other words, you can see these recordings as many times as you need, they are always available.

Corrections by the teacher are made individually through WhatsApp. You can send her many videos of your progress and the teacher will reply with corrections.

More information

Flamenco classes during the 2022 – 2023 academic year “Live”

  • Initiation Level – nivel 1
  • Basic Level – nivel 2
  • Medium Level – nivel 3
  • Average Advanced Level – nivel 4
  • Advanced Level – nivel 5
  • Bulerías – nivel 1
  • Bulerías – nivel 2 y 3
  • Castanets

Schedule (UTC+2)

The hours of live classes for all groups are from Monday to Friday according to the following quadrant:

Horario Flamenco anual 2022-2023

Do you need particular corrections by Zoom?

You can take a private flamenco class through Zoom with our teachers. You have more information about these classes from this link

Sample videos of the Flamenco Classes through Zoom

The teachers who teach our Flamenco Classes by Zoom

Zoom platform

The Zoom platform is a program for video calls and virtual meetings, it is accessible from desktop computers or PCs, as well as laptops, mobile phones and tablets. The use of this program is free and very simple since it does not require complicated installation. You have more information about the use of Zoom.